Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Bracknell owl boxes

Bee-hive in little owl box
Another cold day yesterday saw Bob and Paul joined by Dan Carpenter, Biodiversity Officer for Bracknell Forest District Council, installing owl boxes north of Bracknell.
First a new barn owl box was put up at Pope's Meadow, where inspection of a little owl box revealed its change-of-use to a bee-hive!
Then two barn owl boxes at Easthampstead Park were cleared of squirrels and lowered to a more accessible height.
Next a dilapidated barn owl box at Moss End Farm that had been used by little owls for some years was replaced.
Finally a further barn owl box at Winkfield Row was cleared of squirrel drey, jackdaw and stock dove nests.
Our thanks go to Dan for his support of our Barn Owl Group.