Found an owl?

If you find a young but healthy owl on the ground:

  • If it is a Barn Owl it must be returned to the nest, otherwise the parents will not feed it. If you are unable to get it back into the nest please contact us or Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital on 01844-292292 for help.
  • If it is not a Barn Owl chick and not in danger, the best thing is to leave it alone. The parents will come to feed it where it is.
  • If it is in immediate danger, eg on a road, it should be moved to a safe place nearby, ideally off the ground on a branch.

If you find a sick or injured bird please contact Tiggywinkles, or especially for a bird of prey The Hawk Conservancy

If you find a ringed owl, or any ringed bird for that matter, please report your finding using the Euring website: EURING

If you find a freshly dead owl, or other bird of prey, please contact the Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme [PBMS] who will undertake a post-mortem analyses to determine the cause of death and any  evidence of poisoning: PBMS

If you see a dead owl on the M40 motorway, please let us know and we will arrange for it to be recovered.
Healthy Barn Owl chick  - 5 weeks old