Thursday 3 June 2021

Marlow Peregrines

A pair of peregrines took up residence on Marlow All Saints church in 2020. So early this year Wild Marlow organised to install a nest platform fitted with a camera to monitor events.

The pair nested with three chicks surviving from a clutch of four eggs. At 22 days old the chicks were fitted with identification rings by Middle Thames Ringing Group. The orange colour-rings with large black letters can be read by a camera or telescope. So it is hoped to learn where these chicks disperse to over their lifetime.

Such data will add to the scientific understanding of the peregrine population's survival, longevity and dispersal pattern, helping to formulate strategies for their conservation.

Thanks go to Marlow All Saints church for supporting Wild Marlow's efforts in this conservation success story.

 Wild Marlow

 Middle Thames RG

Editor's note: Post-fledging, one of the chicks has been seen on St Luke's Church, Maidenhead.

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