Friday, 10 April 2015

Owl boxes for BBOWT reserves

Yoesden Bank - barn owl box

Taking advantage of today's warm sunshine, Bob and Paul spent a busy day putting up owl boxes on BBOWT's Yoesden Bank and Swains Wood reserves.

Yoesden Bank - little owl box
With great support from Debbie Lewis, BBOWT Reserves Ecology Manager, and Mark Vallance, BBOWT Reserves Manager (Bucks),  we were able to assist the BBOWT "Help to save local Barn Owls" initiative.

  In total we managed to install 2 x barn owl, 2 x tawny owl, 1 little owl and 1 kestrel box.

Swains Wood - barn owl box
Yoesden Bank - tawny owl box


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