Water Troughs

Barn owls are often found dead in water troughs. They cannot climb out of steep smooth sided containers and become water-logged.

But there is a simple and effective solution - to install a purpose-built float.
This will support the weight of the owl allowing it to get out of the trough, while livestock can continue to drink safely.

More information on this can be found on the Barn Owl Trust website here: 

We would encourage all farmers who have water troughs on their land to fit them with a suitable float to prevent owls and other birds from drowning. And if the trough is no-longer in use, then to tip it on its side so it remains empty.

We are able to make floats with either pressure-treated wood or plastic frames, and supply them at cost within our area as shown here:

Water-trough with wood float
wood-frame float detail

Water-trough with plastic float
plastic-frame detail

Please contact us to discuss your requirements:

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